Creative Motion Groovy S Shape Motion Lamp, Yellow/Blue

Traditional motion lamps now have a curvy new sleek modern design. This lamp has Yellow wax with Blue liquid.Plugs into your standard household...

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Mini Lava Style Glitter Bedroom Night Light (Blue)

Mini Glitter / Motion Lamp nightlight. Classic Lava Lamp design, shrunk down to a Nightlight version! COLOR: GREEN or PINK Measures: approx. 7.5" inches tall. Gentle flowing Sparkles project interesting shadows and movement over the nearby...

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Groovy Yellow and Blue Motion Lamp

With a new sleek design, this lava style motion lamp boasts a curvy bottle atop a slim silver base. This fun accent light features yellow with blue liquid.Yellow wax in blue...

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16" Motion Lava Lamp, Metallic Blue

The traditional lava lamp, redesigned with a retro casing. Pumped with blue metallic textured lava for a cool, liquid metal look. Use as a night light or decoration for any space.The grooviest of the groovy, rocket-inspired accent...

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Gigantic 18' Red Retro Bomb Lava Lamp Glow Motion Party Mood Night Light

Bombs Away! with this Gigantic 18" Retro Bomb Lava Lamp Style Dancing Glow Motion Lamp Our biggest Lava Lamp yet! Super Sleek Design goes great in any room. Retro Bomb Glow Motion Lamp that never grows old. The hypnotic effect is very relaxing....

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Lava Lite 4165 17-Inch Leopard Print Lava Lamp, Red Wax/Clear Liquid

This is the original Lava Lamp. Lava. Its ever-changing patterns are hypnotizing, yet invigorating. It is an art form. Classic and at the same time progressive. It is pre-historic and post-modern. Lava is the core of Lava Lite. Our Lava Lamps range...

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Metallic Red Glitter Lamp (1 pc)

A soothing metallic mood enhancer. This glitter lamp sets a relaxing tone with its radiant red ray highlighting a free-flowing festival of underwater sparkle and splendor. Plug it in, sit back and bask in the glow. A/C adapter included.AC adapter...

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The Original Lava Brand Lava Motion Lamp 14.5" Red Silver

Lava® 20 ounce 14.5" tall Lava Lamp - Red wax/Clear liquid. Silver base & cap. The primordial ooze that once ruled our world has been captured in perpetual motion. Its everchanging patterns are hypnotizing, yet invigorating. It is an art form....

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Lava Lite 1953 11-1/2-Inch 12-Ounce Accent Lava Lamp with Silver Base, White Wax/Blue Liquid

One of the most beloved and recognizable icons from the 1960s and 1970s, Lava Lite's 1953 Lava lamp brings the groovy gizmo back to the forefront of trendy home decor. The iconic lamp's shape stays true to the original's geometric design, while its...

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15" Red Flat Top Ooze Lava Lamp Super Sleek Design goes great in any room. Cool 15" Red Flat Top Ooze Lava Lamp that never grows old. The hypnotic effect is very relaxing. You can find yourself staring at one of these great lamps for hours! Nice...

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Lava Lite 5225 16.3-Inch Silver Base Lava Lamp, Yellow/Purple

Perfect for relaxing, decorating, or lighting up a party, the iconic Lava Lite 16.3-Inch Royal Lava Lamp features a sleek chrome base and cap, purple liquid, and yellow wax that shifts and floats in a mesmerizing dance. Made by the original lava...

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Lava Lite 2110-4002 Classic Lava Lamp, 14-1/2-Inch, Red/Clear

LAVA® brand lamps are the original. For 40 years, LAVA® has captivated generations with their trademarked shape and timeless styles. Don't accept substitutes. Demand the original….the registered LAVA® brand. They are the perfect addition to...

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