Sunlight Office or Home Floor Lamp Black

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The original Natural Full Spectrum Floor Lamp (27 Watt) with a truly modern design culminates in priceless pieces of full spectrum illumination. It will serve as a conventional yet charming touch to your d├ęcor.
The lamp utilizes 50 years of research and expertise to scientifically tune light for the eyes of readers, crafters and computers. The full spectrum PL-27W Long Life Bulb actually stimulates natural sunlight, the long-lasting power of the bulb also eliminating the need to change your light bulb every few months, saving you even more time and money. This lamp is designed with the most advanced energy saving technology on current market.
Soft and pure white light illuminates your personal space and makes colors appear more vibrant. Higher, clear contrasts of black and white transform reading from a difficult task into an enjoyable leisure. Our flexible goose neck allows adjustment to almost any angle needed, contributing to the finer details of any craft, hobby, or work you can possible imagine.Full Spectrum Natural Light

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