Verilux EasyFlex Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp, Graphite

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Task, Work, Read and Excel…Naturally

| Work longer without glare, eyestrain or fatigue | Work smarter with improved productivity and focus | Read faster with greater comprehension

Verilux EasyFlex Deluxe Natural Spectrum Floor LampVerilux EasyFlex Deluxe Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp
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The EasyFlex Deluxe Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp is a favorite among hobbyists and serious readers. The EasyFlex eliminates glare, sharpens vision and reduces eyestrain so reading, needlework and crafting are more enjoyable. The flexible gooseneck, EasyGrip handle and adjustable shaft direct the light exactly where it’s needed. The sectioned, snap-on tray keeps supplies and glasses handy and organized. A solid, slanted base keeps the lamp plumb and lets you slide it easily under your favorite chair. A snap-in parabolic grid diffuses the light to reduce glare and eyestrain, and an electronic ballast assures no power use when the lamp is off. Graphite or Ivory finishes match any decor.

The EasyFlex

Be a better tasker, worker and reader with the EasyFlex Floor Lamp from Verilux. Natural Spectrum illumination provides light that allows your eyes to work more efficiently, so you’ll see better and more clearly to improve your needlepoint, fly-tying or whatever task you have at hand. The snap-on tray (included) keeps you organized, and the Verilux magnifier lamp attachment (sold separately) provides additional precision for even more satisfying outcomes. Not tasking? Use the EasyFlex as a conventional reading lamp and enjoy the benefits of Verilux Natural Spectrum illumination! If you’re among those with low vision, Natural Spectrum illumination can enhance clarity, making reading and tasking more enjoyable. You’ll experience less eyestrain, and the better-quality light may mean you’ll require less magnification — or none at all!

Long-Life Natural Spectrum Bulb Included!

The lamp includes a Natural Spectrum 27-watt fluorescent bulb that lasts up to 10,000 hours and provides the equivalent of as much as 150 watts of incandescent illumination.

Key Benefits

| Natural Spectrum light improves visual clarity for increased productivity and focus | Ergonomic design with height adjustment and gooseneck allows maximum flexibility and functionality | Conveniently located two-way brightness control allows for customized light levels | Flicker Elimination Technology helps eliminate fatigue and eyestrain | Parabolic grid diffuser reduces glare and directs light where you want it | Long-life, energy efficient lighting system provides the equivalent of as much as 150 watts of incandescent illumination from a 27-watt fluorescent bulb | On-shaft lever adjusts lamp height from 38.5″ to 54″ | Includes color-coordinated utility tray as a handy work station | Heavy base keeps lamp plumb and secure | Easy assembly.

Three views of EasyFlex Floor Lamp showing tray feature and height adjustment lever clip.Three views of EasyFlex Floor Lamp showing tray feature and height adjustment lever clip.
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Product Specs

| Graphite | Weight: 13 lbs. | Base: 10.375” x 8.75” | Head: 10″ x 7″ | Height: Adjusts from 38.5” to 54” | Cord Length: 96″ (eight feet) | Bulb: 27-watt Natural Spectrum fluorescent | Warranty: One-Year Limited

What’s in the Box

Verilux EasyFlex Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp 27-watt Natural Spectrum bulb Parabolic Light Diffuser Snap-on Utility Tray Assembly Tool Instruction manual ADEX Gold Award for Design Excellence

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