Verilux Heritage Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp, Antiqued Brushed Brass

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Heritage Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp illuminating a comfortable chair with a book on it.Heritage Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp
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Read, Task, Work, and Excel Naturally

Read faster with greater comprehension. Study longer without glare, eyestrain, or fatigue. Work smarter with improved productivity and focus.

The Verilux Heritage Deluxe Floor Lamp is one of our best-selling lamps. High-grade components combine the finest characteristics of steel, zinc, and aluminum. The unique heat-dissipating alloy lamp head remains cool to the touch. Wear surfaces — like the height-adjusting collar and the locking pivot — have the combined strength and durability of steel and zinc for a lifetime of stylish performance. Lamp head rotates and swivels 360°, and the lamp height telescopes from 39” to 53.”

Head of the Verilux Heritage Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor LampVerilux Heritage Natural Spectrum Deluxe Floor Lamp
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The Heritage

The design updates the iconic pharmacy lamps of the past — in appearance and performance. Verilux Natural Spectrum illumination is from a portion of the light spectrum that’s closer to natural light. Your eyes can process this light more easily and efficiently than conventional indoor light. This means you’ll see more clearly, with less eyestrain and fatigue. You’ll stay focused and productive.

The effect of Natural Spectrum light on the eyeThe effect of Natural Spectrum light on the eye
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About the Science — Shedding Light on Natural Spectrum

Verilux Natural Spectrum light illuminates in the broader scotopic range to better stimulate the cones and rods (photoreceptors) of the eye. This enhanced stimulation improves visual performance by reducing the size of the pupil to better focus light, relaxing the eye while increasing visual acuity and processing.

The Natural Spectrum 27-watt fluorescent bulb included with lampThe Natural Spectrum 27-watt fluorescent bulb included with lamp
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Natural Spectrum Bulb

The lamp includes an energy-saving Verilux 27-watt fluorescent bulb that adjusts brightness to the equivalent of ordinary 75-, 100-, or 150-watt incandescent bulbs, lasts as much as ten times longer — up to 10,000 hours — and uses far less energy.

Heritage with close-ups of key featuresHeritage with close-ups of key features
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Product Specs

Antiqued Brushed BrassWeight: 15.2 lbs.Base diameter: 10.5”Head dimensions: 10.5” x 5.4” x 2.5”Overall Height: 39” to 53”Cord Length: 96” (eight feet)Bulb: 27W fluorescent Head of Heritage Floor Lamp showing the Optix lensHead of Heritage Floor Lamp showing the Optix lens
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Key Features

Verilux Natural Spectrum light reduces eyestrain and fatigueLong-lasting, energy efficient 27-watt Natural Spectrum three-way bulb provides the equivalent of 75, 100, or 150 watts of incandescent illuminationOptix lens diffuses light and reduces glareThumb screw rotates and swivels head 360°Quality, all-metal constructionClassic rotary, on-body, three-way light intensity switchOn-shaft collar adjusts lamp height from 39” to 53”Replaceable ballastFlicker-Elimination Technology further reduces eyestrain and fatigueHeavy base keeps lamp plumb and secureEasy assembly with no tools required

What’s in the Box

Verilux Heritage Deluxe Floor Lamp27-watt Natural Spectrum bulbOptix Glare-Control FilterInstruction manual ADEX Platinum Award for Design Excellence

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